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WEDDING AVENUE [ ウェディングアベニュー ]

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Specializing in pre-wedding and photo wedding shoots.

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Introducing the Wedding Avenue Studio

Introducing the Wedding Avenue Studio with its Lounge, Garden, Atelier, and Living spaces, each enhancing the stylish atmosphere. Let me introduce you to this charming studio.

Studio. 01


テキスト1 A hidden gem studio embodying adult sophistication, nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood.

The entrance, characterized by the simplicity of white and black, is designed with the concept of a hotel lounge. It's a charming house nestled in a tranquil residential neighborhood.


テキスト2 The classical reception area creates an atmosphere of blissful moments.

The first view upon entering the entrance. Essentially, the reception area, where first impressions are made, features a sophisticated ambiance with calming color tones. The atmosphere naturally envelops the studio with a sense of tranquility.


テキスト3 A genuine tea room concept combining Japanese and European styles.

At the top of the stairs lies our pride and joy, the authentic white tea room. It effortlessly blends Japanese and Western styles, creating a lounge space that complements both traditional and modern attire.


テキスト4 The pure white piano enhances the ambiance of the lounge.

The unique patterned white piano placed on the landing of the staircase. It's a perfect spot for photos that complements the monochrome theme of the studio.


テキスト5 The "Bride's Brilliant Photo," where light and shadow intertwine to create a mesmerizing effect.

The "Bride's Brilliant Photo" captures the bride in her most radiant moment, with the interplay of light and shadow creating a stunning effect that can completely change the impression with just the angle of light.


テキスト6 The flower wall enhances the beauty of the dress, creating a stunning backdrop that adds to the overall allure of the scene.

The peach-colored dried flowers enhance the glamour of the dress, adding a three-dimensional and captivating element to the scene.


テキスト7 Celebrate your wedding day at Wedding Avenue.

On your special day, capture beautiful photos against the backdrop of our natural-themed settings. These versatile backgrounds complement any attire perfectly, ensuring you preserve memories befitting such an important occasion.


テキスト8 Realize intimate location photos in charming back alleys.

On sunny days, you can step outside for a leisurely stroll. Capturing photos in the serene and tranquil atmosphere of quiet alleyways can create charming and flavorful images.


テキスト9 Taking photos on the studio entrance that resemble a veranda-style shot.

You can also take photos sitting on the popular veranda in traditional Japanese attire, and capture adorable scenes at the studio entrance from the same perspective.


Studio. 02


テキスト9 Feel the Spring Breeze with the Cherry Blossom Flower Wall in Full Bloom.

A dry flower area where colorful flowers bloom, evoking the warmth of spring. The impressive display and vibrant colors stimulate the senses, making it a popular spot for Korean-style photoshoots.


テキスト10 A perpetual summer dry flower display that feels like being on a beach in midsummer.

A spot creatively accentuated by dried flowers hanging from the ceiling, creating an artistic atmosphere. The backdrop features wedding flags, adding uniqueness to the setting for photography.


テキスト11 The ultimate relaxation space featuring a wood chandelier and vintage sofas.

A stylish chandelier and sofa set against a backdrop accentuated by off-white curtains. This spot, enveloped in a soft ambiance, is perfect for spending sophisticated, adult time.


テキスト12 An open garden photo shoot beckoning with refreshing greenery.

A garden area that excels in joy and brightness, as if having a wedding ceremony on a sunny beach. The natural background seamlessly blends in with both Western and Japanese attire, making it a recommended spot for photo shoots.


テキスト13 A moon-viewing photo capturing the feeling of a long autumn night.

A spot featuring numerous straight-standing susuki grasses, transforming into a moon-viewing photo scene beckoned by the pleasant autumn temperature and fragrance. It's a perfect backdrop to enjoy a mature atmosphere.


テキスト14 A silver world covered in snow visible through the gap in the window. It creates a picturesque scene reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

A silver wall reminiscent of winter cotton, resembling snow piled on trees, with swirling powder snow imagery. This spot, representing winter, adds a classical touch to the photos.


テキスト15 A modern and authentic golden tea room.

Capture the essence of Japanese tradition with a must-have photoshoot in our traditional tatami tea room. Our tea room exudes a luxurious golden impression and features a rich historical ambiance. From shoji screens to snow-viewing windows, it's a spot filled with playful opportunities to diversify your photoshoot.


テキスト16 The green natural arch and the open window bathed in sunlight.

The dazzling sunlight pouring into the studio illuminates the vibrant greenery. The refreshing inner garden paired with antique doors from past eras makes for a popular backdrop at our studio.


Studio. 03


A dreamy flower field - a colorful dried flower garden.

An area adorned with our unique and elaborate dried flower arrangements. It's a charming backdrop for photography, with mature dried flowers yet featuring colorful petals that exude a delightful charm.


A warm white antique door that enhances your outfits in a serene spot.

In addition to colorful and vibrant backgrounds, there are also shooting spots with white and gray tones as the main theme. These subdued color backgrounds help to accentuate the outfits more distinctly.


テキスト19 An entrance with an antique style that evokes authenticity.

A refined entrance adorned with vibrant green driftwood and an antique door from bygone eras. Incorporating natural light enhances the sparkling photos reminiscent of Bride and Groom shots.


テキスト20 A photo frame and chandelier that offer a different expression.

An antique studio that pursues an elegant sophistication reminiscent of being invited to a palace overseas. With its classical ambiance and artistic scenery, our studio offers unique spots for capturing memorable moments.


テキスト21 A sepia wallpaper that evokes the charm of European streetscapes

A photo space where every background is top-notch. The high-ceilinged area not only creates a sense of openness but also offers a genuinely crafted space, meticulously designed for the perfect angles for photography. It's an exceptionally stylish studio that stands out from the rest.


テキスト22 The imposing design sofa and off-white curtains complement each other perfectly, adding a sense of luxury and elegance to the space.

The luxurious jet-black sofa and the warm off-white curtains create a striking contrast, yet they blend harmoniously, lending an air of sophistication to the space.


テキスト23 The opulent and splendid tea room provides a tranquil and spacious environment, perfect for calming the mind.

A photo spot with tatami mats where the shimmering gold wall and sophisticated purple dried flowers complement each other beautifully. The voluminous dried flowers create a sense of depth that pairs perfectly with traditional Japanese attire, capturing stunning shots from various perspectives.


Studio. 04


テキスト24 A luxurious reception with a gold-themed setting that stands out in the calm back alley.

The space where you first meet upon entering the shop. We've paid attention to every detail, from the wallpaper to the door and interior, to create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.


テキスト25 A space reminiscent of a leisurely holiday, with abundant nature and a hammock area.

The area where plenty of sunlight streams in features an inner garden reflecting vibrant greenery and inviting hammocks. It's a spot where you can experience a sense of openness and a resort-like atmosphere indoors.

テキスト26 A meticulously designed tatami tea room that harmonizes traditional Japanese elements with modern style.

A popular spot featuring a fully authentic tea room space adorned with colorful spherical decorations resembling curtains. This artistic tea room, embodying a blend of modern and retro styles, provides an ideal backdrop for traditional Japanese attire.

テキスト27 The melancholic dry flowers evoke a mature expression.

The appealing aspect of our studio is the ability to shoot in various concepts. Here, you can capture designs adorned with subtle hues of dry flowers, creating an aesthetic overflow. It allows for sophisticated tones with traditional attire and a casual backdrop for Western wear.

テキスト28 A joyous blue space awaits to welcome our customers, brimming with happiness.

The term 'blueprint,' representing a bright future, is also known as 'something blue' in weddings, believed to bring abundant happiness to the couple. We are here to support our customers, ensuring their photo wedding is filled with anticipation and hope.


テキスト29 The dress floor is filled with excitement and anticipation, adorned with beautiful and adorable dresses that are simply irresistible.

The process of choosing wedding attire, often considered synonymous with weddings, is made even more exciting amidst the dazzling dress floor. With colorful kimono chests displaying vibrant kimonos and white bridal attire, the space exudes an enchanting atmosphere, igniting customers' excitement.

テキスト30 A calming living studio with ivory tones as the base.

A welcoming living space featuring leather sofas, an original fireplace reminiscent of overseas mansions, and furniture with an ivory base, creating a cozy and familiar atmosphere. Every corner exudes high-quality elegance, making it a studio where you can truly experience luxury.


テキスト31 An enchanting space meticulously designed with a casual yet detailed touch, evoking the ambiance of a European mansion. Every detail is carefully crafted, offering a fantasy-like atmosphere.

The meticulously crafted stone wall with its European-style masonry serves as a striking accent. It pairs exceptionally well with stylish interior decor, making it a fantastic photo space.


Live Photo Wedding

Studio live video ¥66,000(In Tax)

Location live video ¥77,000(In Tax)

Experience the immersive live photo wedding where video is captured simultaneously during the shoot! Special pricing is available for those who opt for studio or location shoots at our store.