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Capturing the colors of passion and scorching heat,
Summer-themed wedding photography.

Fall in love with you once again.

Summer Wedding Photography (June, July, August)

When it comes to summer, it's all about the sky, the sea, and the sun! The days are longer, the landscapes are brighter, and it's the season of sky blues and vibrant colors.

While concerns about the rainy season and heat may arise during this season, with the right preparations, it can actually be a time to capture colorful and beautiful photos.

Today, I'll be introducing some tips for dealing with the summer season, along with recommended locations and photography ideas.

If you're considering a pre-wedding photoshoot or wedding photography in June, July, or August, please stay tuned until the end.


・Advantages and Disadvantages of Summer Weddings
・Recommended Summer Locations
 -Beaches and Seaside Spots
 -Locations with Lush Greenery
 -Indoor Venues with Air Conditioning
・Atmosphere of Photos in Each Summer Month
 -June: June Bride Vibes
 -July: Clear Skies after the Rainy Season
 -August: The Most Summery Wedding Photos
・Points to Note for Summer Weddings
 -Dealing with Heat and Insects
 -Considerations for Attire
 -Essential Items to Prepare
・Conclusion for Summer Weddings

For those who are considering shooting around June to August and are unsure which month to choose, we hope this serves as a helpful reference.

Let's dive into the enchanting world of summer photos! Let's get started right away.

Pros × Cons


The summer sky, with the sun positioned higher than any other time of the year, allows for "bright and refreshing" wedding photos.

Moreover, following the popularity of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, the "fresh greenery" of summer stands out as the most beautiful season, resulting in vivid and sparkling photos with deep green hues.

While it varies by studio, some offer special discounts or gifts during the rainy season?! If there are special discounts or gifts available only during the rainy season, it can turn disadvantages into advantages.


Disadvantage 1 is the heat.
The intense summer sun can be draining, so precautions are necessary.

Disadvantage 2 is insects.
Depending on the location, mosquitoes and bugs can be an issue, so insect repellent is necessary.

Disadvantage 3 is sweat.
To prevent makeup from smudging due to sweating, meticulous support is required.

While there are three disadvantages, rest assured.
By carefully reviewing the "points to note for summer weddings" that I will introduce later, you can overcome them!


Let's go to Beach!

When it comes to summer, it's all about the sea!

Since it's hot everywhere, why not boldly choose a summer-like location?

The sea has good ventilation and, above all, lifts your spirits, making it a recommended spot for overcoming the summer heat.

In parks and resorts, you can capture wedding photos with a resort-like atmosphere, and you can also take romantic sunset photos with the sunset as a backdrop.

Popular beach locations in Nagoya include Uchiura, Rinku Beach, and Sakushima.
Each has its own charm, so please compare them while looking at the atmosphere of the actual photos taken from customer feedback pages.

Deep Green

Leaves change color in various ways, but particularly beautiful during the summer season are the deep green leaves.

From March to May, they begin to change color, and these deep green leaves, different from the fresh green of early summer, are called "shinryoku."

Until around May, they are still young leaves, but from June onward, they deepen in color, replacing the fresh greenery. This greenery enhances wedding dresses and kimonos (especially white ones) and adds a cool and stylish touch to wedding photos, different from the youthful charm of fresh green leaves.

In Nagoya's parks, recommended locations include Nagoya Castle Park, Shonai Green Park, Odaka Green Park, and Tsurumai Park.


For summer shoots, indoor locations are definitely a must-have.
If you want to capture both Western-style and Japanese-style attire, I recommend choosing at least one indoor location.

Even indoor venues may not always have air conditioning facilities, so be sure to check with your planner.

Opting for a location with air conditioning or studio photography is also a great choice.
In fact, the most popular combination plan throughout the year is Japanese-style outdoor photography followed by Western-style studio photography. Choosing this pattern will ensure a comfortable shoot even in the summer.

Summer wedding photography

  • JUNE

    June bride

    June weddings are often associated with good fortune, known as the "June Bride" phenomenon. However, due to the overlap with the rainy season, June is not as popular a month for weddings as one might expect.

    Taking advantage of rainy season promotions can make photography more affordable, and since temperatures are not yet too hot, it can still be a good option.

    Popularity: ★★
    Comfort: ★★★★
    Crowdedness: ★★★★ (More stars indicate more availability.)
    Value: ★★★★★

  • JULY

    The summer sky after the end of the rainy season.

    July weddings, especially in the first half, coincide with Tanabata, the Star Festival celebrated on July 7th. For those who wish to capture this festive occasion, or in mid-July when the rainy season clears, popular choices include photoshoots amidst lush greenery, at the beach, or indoors.

    Popularity: ★★★
    Comfort: ★★★
    Crowdedness: ★★★★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★★★★


    The most summery wedding photos

    August weddings are all about vibrant and energetic summer-themed photos. Whether it's running along the beach, using balloons, or capturing the vast blue sky, let's make the most of it. Since it's the hottest month of the year, it's preferable to shoot traditional Japanese attire indoors if possible.

    Popularity: ★★
    Comfort: ★★
    Crowd Level: ★★★ (More stars mean more availability)
    Value: ★★★★



・Choose locations with air conditioning facilities.
・Schedule outdoor shoots for early mornings or after 3 PM.
・Utilize spots with shade such as roofs or under trees.
・Insect repellent spray is a must. Bring your own if not available at the studio.

What to wear

・Utilize parasols, both Western and Japanese, creatively.
Additionally, straw hats, sunglasses, and other accessories can enhance the style of the shoot.
・For Japanese traditional attire (kimono), opt for half-sleeved undergarments (nagajuban) if available.
・Attention to sun exposure is crucial for wedding dresses! Bring sunscreen along.
・For tuxedos, consider shooting in a vest-only ensemble or a wing-collar shirt paired with suspenders. Changing into mid-shoot attire like half-pants tuxedos offers    both comfort and versatility, allowing for two distinct styles.


・Bring a mini cooler box stocked with frozen beverages and towels.
・Having a handheld fan or similar device can provide comfort during shooting or while on the move.
・It's reassuring to have drinks with electrolytes or candies for replenishing salts.


How was the introduction to summer wedding photography?

Despite the abnormal weather conditions worldwide, including scorching hot days, let's use clever strategies and precautions to create unforgettable memories of the perfect summer wedding photos!

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