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WEDDING AVENUE [ ウェディングアベニュー ]

Special Wedding Gift Campaign


New Summer Special 15 Benefits Campaign.


Exclusive Studio Photo Bonus: First Meet Present

For customers who book studio photography with us, we offer a First Meet Ceremony (memorable first encounter) valued at ¥22,000 as a gift!
Capturing footage in the most optimal way while evoking emotions through music is also a recommended point to start filming at its best.

Additionally, location photography, usually priced at ¥22,000, can be added for 50% off at ¥11,000. *The First Meet Ceremony will be held at our studio.

Special Offer 1: Consultation Fair with Dress & Kimono Fitting Experience!

For a Limited Time Only Bridal Fair!

Experience the ultimate consultation fair where you can actually try on and experience our dresses firsthand!
New collections are also included, so you can try on any dress that catches your eye!

We eagerly await many consultations and visits from you!


Special Offer 2: Bride's Dress Discount Campaign

The bride’s attire, including wedding dresses, colored dresses, iro-uchikake, and shiromuku, is available at up to 50% off!
Offer valid for on-the-day bookings only. *Excluding some new Japanese-style dresses.

Special Offer 3: Studio shoot, one cut present!

For those shooting in a Japanese-style location without a tea room, we offer one scene (5 shots) of shooting in a studio Japanese-style room as a gift.

Special Offer 4: Petite Dress Change Campaign

We want to accommodate your wishes for shooting in two outfits: a traditional ‘iro-uchikake’ and a white ‘shiro-muku,’ or a wedding dress and colored dress. Introducing our Dress Change Campaign, available for an additional fee of ¥11,000 (includes the cost of changing attire).

*Data: Studio shoot includes 70 shots, and on-location shoot includes 150 shots. *For on-location shoots, changing facilities are available.

Special Offer 5: Receive a complimentary copy of our new location guidebook!

We are offering a location book featuring 40 spots in Nagoya for location photoshoots as a complimentary gift for those who visit our store or request information!
It’s a must-have for those considering location photoshoots. *Available while supplies last, so don’t miss out, act fast!

Special Offer 6: New Kimono Campaign!

Announcement of the New Kimono Campaign starting from 2023!

Campaign 1: New Kimono 10% OFF! Campaign 2: Stylish Jubako Set Rental for Free (equivalent to 5,500 yen) Campaign 3: Free Fitting for Special Orders!

Special Offer 7: 50% OFF on Second and Third Data Points!

For those who want both Western and Japanese attire!
For photo shoots with 2 or 3 outfits, we offer 50% OFF on data from the second item onwards.
Up to ¥33,000 OFF for 2 outfits! Up to ¥66,000 OFF for 3 outfits!!

Why not take advantage of this opportunity to get both Western and Japanese attire at a great price?

Special Offer 8: Accessory Set Discount

Kimono Accessories Set Discount!
Get a popular set of three kimono accessories at 10% off! Save with our set deal!

Special Offer 9: Pre-Wedding Support Campaign

The second phase of our Photo Wedding Support Campaign is the “Free Date Change Fee Campaign”!

We’ve planned this to ensure peace of mind for both of you and to welcome your special day without worries.
Please feel free to consult with us first.

Weekend up fee half price

Special Offer 10: Weekend Surcharge 50% OFF Campaign

Location Photo Exclusive Benefit!Weekend and Holiday Surcharge is 50% OFF!
※Chapel plan is not applicable.

Special Offer 11: Customer Review Bonus: Free Photo Shoot Props!

Chic accessories perfect for pre-wedding and photo shoots.
We offer free rentals to those who contribute Google reviews.
(One free rental item for a single review, and three free rental items for two reviews.)

For those who lack time to prepare accessories before the shoot or are not confident in DIY, please feel free to use our photo shoot props.
※Please choose from the accessories available in-store on the day of the shoot.


Special Offer 12: Original Album & Leather Sheet Reprint Campaign

You can purchase the same album at 50% off for the 2nd copy and onwards.
It’s also very popular as a gift for your parents!

Example: 20 pages, 30 cuts for 30,800 yen → 2nd copy and onwards for 15,400 yen each!

Special Offer 13: Welcome Board Discount Campaign!

Stylish Framed Welcome Board (A3) with a choice of 10 designs.
Regular price ¥33,000 (incl. tax), now only ¥19,800 (incl. tax) for a limited time!

After the shoot, create your own personalized Welcome Board with your favorite design to match your photos.
Why not take this opportunity to create a unique Welcome Board just for the two of you?!

*Discount available exclusively for those who have a photo shoot at our studio.

Special Offer 14: Limited to ONE DAY PHOTO.

For those who apply for our ONE DAY PHOTO package, where you can have your photoshoot on the same day as your visit, we offer a “Hands-Free Photo Rental Set” worth up to approximately ¥20,000 as a gift.

This offer is especially beneficial for those living far away, residing abroad, or those who prefer to have consultations online and wish to have their photoshoot on the same day.

Special Offer 15: Instagram Post Campaign!

We’re running an exciting campaign after the photoshoot!! Simply post your favorite photo on Instagram and get up to ¥1,000 Starbucks e-Gift Card!!

1.Follow our account (@weddingave_nagoya).
2.Choose your favorite photo and post it on Instagram (5 photos post).
3.Tag “@weddingave_nagoya” in your photo.
4.Add “@weddingave_nagoya” to your caption before posting.
5.After posting, please send us your post name via Instagram direct message for confirmation.

※Private accounts are not eligible.