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WEDDING AVENUE [ ウェディングアベニュー ]

Turning into a golden hue,
Autumn wedding photoshoot.

The carpet of fallen leaves, let's walk hand in hand.

Autumn Wedding Photography (September, October, November)

When it comes to autumn, it's all about the foliage. While it may get a bit chilly, from September to early October, the weather is comfortable for both traditional and Western attire.

By the latter half of October, it gets significantly colder, but with the remaining greenery, you can capture photos with the autumn air and sparkling greenery and flowers.

Entering mid-November, the autumn leaves season officially begins! It becomes the busiest month of the year.

So let's take a look at autumn wedding photography. If you're considering pre-wedding or wedding photography in September, October, or November, please stay with us until the end.


・Benefits and Drawbacks of Autumn Wedding Photography
・Recommended Locations for Autumn Weddings
 -Beautiful Western-style Spots with Autumn Foliage
 -Beautiful Traditional Japanese Spots with Autumn Foliage
 -Autumn Spots with Greenery from September to October
・Atmosphere of Photos in Each Autumn Season
 -September: Comfortable Season for Both Traditional and Western Attire
 -October: Blend of Greenery and Autumn Colors
 -November: Peak Season for Autumn Foliage, Most Crowded
・Points to Note for Autumn Wedding Photography
 -How to Time Your Photos with the Autumn Foliage?!
・Conclusion for Autumn Wedding Photography

For those who are considering shooting between September and November but are unsure about which month to choose, I hope this can be helpful.

Introducing the melancholic autumn photoshoot. Let's dive in!

Pros × Cons


Autumn is the most popular season throughout the year, with high demand for both Western and Japanese-style attire. For those particularly interested in shooting in October and November, I recommend early consultations due to the high number of reservations.

The reason why autumn is so popular is undoubtedly the vibrant foliage. Wedding photos taken against the backdrop of autumn leaves, especially in traditional Japanese attire, create stunningly beautiful images with backgrounds painted in shades of red and orange.

Other advantages include the relief from the hot summer months and the end of the rainy season, leading to comfortable and pleasant weather conditions for shooting. This results in the couple being in the best physical condition for the shoot, which adds to the popularity of autumn weddings. Additionally, makeup tends to stay intact longer, which is another significant advantage.


There are no particular disadvantages. Autumn is the perfect season for pre-wedding and wedding photography. While it may get slightly colder from the latter half of October to November, compared to the winter season from December to February, photography can still be conducted without any issues. So, one could say there are no drawbacks.

If we had to mention something, it would be that the timing of the autumn foliage season can vary from year to year. While late November to mid-December is usually a safe bet for vibrant foliage, even in mid-November, you can capture beautiful autumn colors. Therefore, it's advisable to consider the weather forecast and timing accordingly.


Autumn Leaves for Dress

Autumn Western-style photo shoots offer scenes reminiscent of a movie.

Autumn's colors exude melancholy, leaving a lasting impression. Photos taken amidst the autumn sky and scenery capture a unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated in other seasons.

In Nagoya, parks with autumn foliage include Meijo Park, Shonai Green Park, Odaka Green Park, Tsuruma Park, Moricoro Park, and Floria.

Autumn Leaves for Kimono

Popular spots for autumn foliage pre-wedding and wedding photos in traditional Japanese attire (kimono) are abundant in Nagoya.

Especially popular locations include Dodan-tei, Shiratori Teien, Tokugawaen (without tea room), and Sosetsuan.

In addition to the above, you can also take autumn foliage photos at Rokkaen (Mie Prefecture), Gujo Hachiman, Korotei, Tsurutsuru-tei, Nagoya Castle, and Okazaki Park.

As the colors are more vivid compared to cherry blossoms, the photos stand out particularly during the peak season.

Green × Autumn

What's recommended for autumn shoots is not just focusing on autumn foliage but also opting for photos that feature a collaboration between greenery and autumn colors.

In fact, among planners, photos taken with greenery as the backdrop are highly popular. Some even prefer wedding photos with greenery over those with autumn foliage and cherry blossoms.

So, pay attention to photos taken when the leaves are starting to change color but the greenery is still present!

Autumn wedding photography


    The Pleasant Arrival of Autumn

    September weddings are actually a relatively quiet and somewhat "hidden gem" season within autumn.

    While many couples aim for peak autumn foliage, September offers the most comfortable weather conditions and often less crowded popular locations. Be sure to consult with your planner about any desired locations.

    Popularity: ★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★
    Crowdedness: ★★★ (more stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★★★


    Combining Greenery with Autumn Colors

    October weddings offer the best of both worlds with a blend of greenery and autumn foliage!

    Popularity: ★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★★
    Crowd Level: ★ (more stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★


    The peak season for autumn foliage, when it's most crowded.

    November weddings are all about the autumn leaves! Let's focus on capturing vibrant photos highlighting the fall foliage. Early reservations are essential.

    Popularity: ★★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★
    Crowdedness: ★ (more stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★



Booking reservations ideally should be made six months in advance. Depending on the location, some places may not yet accept bookings, so confirmation of the shoot is not guaranteed. However, many locations operate on a first-come-first-served basis once the location permit is secured, so it's best to consult early.

Even for last-minute bookings, some locations might have availability, so it's advisable to start by checking the availability.

Regarding the timing of the shoot, late November to early December is considered the best period. It's particularly prone to fill up quickly during the autumn leaves season, so please be mindful of this.


How was the introduction to autumn weddings?

It's undoubtedly a popular season, so it's advisable to make reservations and inquiries early. To ensure you don't regret your wedding photos, especially for autumn shoots, it's recommended to plan and prepare systematically.

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