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WEDDING AVENUE [ ウェディングアベニュー ]

"Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter" Popular Pre-wedding Location Photos

Introducing 24 recommended photo shoot locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nagoya, where you can capture moments in both Western and traditional Japanese attire. Each location has unique features that shine in every season—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Feel free to check out the places that catch your interest and consult with us anytime.

In spring, popular wedding photos often feature cherry blossoms in the background or capture the refreshing atmosphere with vibrant new greenery.

Odaiba Seaside Park

Cherry blossoms in full bloom! Capture the sweet and sour peach-colored and orange hues in a beach photo shoot.

A location with a stunning view directly facing Tokyo Bay, combined with the natural beauty of cherry blossoms and sunsets, creates a romantic and enchanting photo shoot.

A beach where you can enjoy the unique beauty of cherry blossoms and fresh greenery, creating one-of-a-kind original photos.

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Higohosokawa Garden

Experience the Changing Seasons in a Genuine Japanese Garden Using All Five Senses

Gardens that showcase different expressions depending on the season, such as plum blossoms and Higo peonies. With a large pond and charming tea rooms, every corner provides an elegant backdrop for sophisticated and elevated traditional Japanese clothing photoshoots.

Surrounded by abundant nature, the garden and the stately tea room together create a fulfilling setting for photography.
  • 〒112-0015 1-1-22 Mejiro-dai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Application fee: ¥4,600 Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays

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Guggenheim House, Kobe – A treasure overlooking the port city

小A warm-colored foreign residence standing on a high hill. With rooms featuring white as the main color, a view of Osaka Bay right in front, and a garden with exotic plants, the space embodies a harmonious blend of Japanese and Western styles.

A retro foreign residence with a history of 100 years that is currently a hot topic on social media. The nostalgic atmosphere is sure to evoke warm feelings during the photo shoot.
  • 〒655-0872. 3-5-17 Shioyacho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
  • Application fee: ¥9,000, Regular holidays: Tuesday and Wednesday

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Capture the essence of Kyoto with a classic location for traditional Japanese wedding attire photoshoot!

Capture the essence of Japanese tradition with a photo shoot in traditional Japanese attire amidst the historic streets. Iconic landmarks such as the Five-Storied Pagoda and the vibrant ema (wooden votive plaques) at Kongo-ji Temple, gaining popularity on social media, make Kyoto's top tourist spots brimming with highlights!

Experience the ultimate photo shoot in the heart of traditional Japanese attire in a town that evokes the nostalgia of a bygone era, reminiscent of the good old days.
  • 〒605-0862 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Kiyomizu, 2 Chome−211
  • Regular holiday: Open every day of the year

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Shonai Ryokuchi Park

Fall in Love under the Cherry Blossoms! Capture the Cherry Blossom Blizzard in Romantic Photos at Famous Hanami Spots ♡

Greenery Park Photo Shoot, a Popular Choice in Nagoya City. Capture the Enchanting Photos with Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees or Dreamy Shots in a Pink World, Embracing the Charms of Nature.

The iconic 'Cherry Blossom Photo,' capturing the breath of spring, is a breathtaking display of beauty!
  • 〒452-0818 3527,Kamiodai, Yamada-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya
  • Application Fee: ¥1,500 Open every day of the year

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Shirotori Garden

The largest Japanese garden in the Tokai region, popular No.1 on SNS!

One of the most photographed locations in Nagoya, this extremely popular Japanese garden features a pond, wooden bridges, impressive bamboo groves, covered walkways, and a stately tea house—ideal for uncompromisingly exquisite photo weddings.

The extensive grounds are filled with photo spots, and in spring, cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are in full bloom.
  • 〒456-0036 2-5 Atsuta Nishimachi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya
  • Application fee: ¥17,100 Admission fee: ¥300 per person Closed on Mondays and the third Wednesday of the month.

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Capture the essence of summer with photos by the beach, sunflower fields, or vibrant parks under the clear blue sky.

Kasai Bay & Sea Side Park

Invigorating Wedding Photos Invited by the Piercing Blue

A location that extends endlessly under the boundless blue sky, a beach scented with sea breeze, the ultimate setting to feel the summer. Illuminated by the scorching sun, an experience hotter than anyone or anything else awaits the two of you.

A perfect location to enjoy the summer, featuring a clear blue sky, fresh greenery, sunflowers, and white waves.

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Asakusa & Skytree

An abundance of locations to experience the traditions of Edo (old Tokyo).

Asakusa, a tourist destination that receives strong support not only domestically but also from overseas. With attractions such as the oldest shopping street in Japan, Nakamise Street, the bright red lanterns of Senso-ji Temple, and the towering Skytree reaching into the sky, it is a location where traditional Japanese attire shines.

Popular for capturing wedding photos against the backdrop of the lingering traces of Edo's downtown. It is also a popular choice as a classic location in Tokyo.

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Nunobiki Herb Garden

Sky Paradise Photo Shoot at an Altitude of 400 meters

Resort Photo Shoot with Panoramic Views of Kobe at Nunobiki Herb Garden. With 20,000 flowers and buildings inspired by German castles, this open and airy location with a clear blue sky as far as the eye can see is a popular choice.

Numerous breathtaking views that make you forget about the heat. A location where you can experience a mini-honeymoon atmosphere.
  • 1-4-3 Kitanocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0002
  • Open all year round. Application fee: ¥900. Ropeway & admission fee: ¥1,800 per person.

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Kyoto・Gion & Kamogawa

Experience both the bustling urban scene and the beauty of nature with a luxurious photo shoot in Kyoto.

A luxurious plan that revolves around the famous Gion district, known for the Gion Matsuri held every July, and the majestic Kamogawa River, a first-class river that has supported Kyoto's culture. The powerful nature and vibrant cityscape will enhance the splendor of the two of you on your special day.

The sound of the flowing river and the lively atmosphere of the Gion Matsuri make for a quintessential Kyoto summer scene. This location is perfect for creating unforgettable memories of a summer to remember.

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Experience Passionate Photos at the Lovers' Sanctuary

Experience the Sparkling Sands, Refreshing Sea Breeze, and Gentle Waves - A Recommended Beach Location representing Summer. Capture the Eternal Bond at the Noma Lighthouse, Bold Rock Formations, and the Fiery Sunset Dipping Below the Horizon, Enhancing Romantic Moments Beautifully.

Summer calls for the beach! The refreshing breeze and numerous breathtaking views naturally alleviate the heat.

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Experience a retro-inspired Japanese-style photo shoot in a tranquil hideaway filled with sophistication.

Capture the feeling of returning to your hometown with a nostalgic photo shoot at a villa. In the quiet surroundings of 'Higashiyama-so,' nestled in the forest, we recommend capturing the essence of the rich Japanese-style room and vibrant fresh greenery.

During the summer, we recommend capturing the deep greenery that becomes more vibrant. Inside the tea room, you can escape the heat, creating a comfortable environment for your photo shoot.

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Autumn is the most popular season for foliage locations. Capture the vibrant colors of the season with 5-color maples and vivid red autumn leaves in your wedding photos.

Yebisu Garden Place

Experience the magical location that makes you feel like a princess.

Experience a leisurely and delightful date photo at the romantic symbol often featured in dramas, Ebisu Garden Place. With colorful flower gardens, beautiful autumn leaves, and charming buildings as the backdrop, enjoy the enchanting atmosphere.

A unified world reminiscent of Western castles. A perfect location for the pleasant autumn season.

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Koishikawa Korakuen

In a historic Japanese garden away from the hustle and bustle of the city,

Capturing moments in the most historic Japanese garden in Tokyo offers a serene and calm experience. Known for its iconic vermilion Taikobashi Bridge, the garden is especially famous for its vibrant red autumn foliage, creating a picturesque scene in the heart of the city.

The vermilion bridge and the gracefully arched stone bridge are must-see attractions! Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that enhances the beauty of traditional Japanese attire.

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Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

The golden Metasequoia avenue heralding the arrival of autumn.

The Tsurumi Green Space Park, one of Osaka's four major green spaces that served as the stage for the International Garden and Greenery Exposition. The iconic windmill hill, refreshing fountains, and the impressive ginkgo tree-lined avenue are perfect locations, especially during the autumn season when the trees are adorned with vibrant colors.

Featuring landscapes that resemble overseas locations, the richness of the scenery is captivating. The shooting amidst the golden tunnel is particularly impressive, providing a visually stunning experience.

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Capture timeless traditional Japanese wedding photos.

Experience the charm of traditional Japanese wedding photos at Bishamondo, a structure that has overcome numerous earthquakes and fires, preserving 17th-century Japanese architecture into the modern era. With over 20 backgrounds within its expansive grounds, you can capture the essence of each season in these timeless and traditional wedding photos.

The impressive vermilion main hall is perfect for stunning photographs. Enjoy the radiant beauty of the changing seasons, from lush greenery to autumn leaves, creating a vibrant and picturesque world.
  • 18 Anju Inariyamacho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 607-8003
  • Closed: None, Application Fee (Offering): ¥10,000

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Autumn at Doudan-tei, So Serene That You Forget the Time

A stately villa designated as a tangible cultural property, 'Doudan-tei.' The name is derived from the vibrant red color of the Azalea (Doudantsutsuji), and the sight of it in full autumn foliage is a location that leaves a lasting impression, especially for those who love fall colors.

A highly recommended location for enjoying autumn foliage. The scenery is like a work of art, offering breathtaking views.

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Capture the beauty of the '5-color Momiji' (maple leaves) at Nagoya's No.1 autumn foliage spot.

The tea house 'Sosetsuan,' a blend of Japanese and modern aesthetics located within the Higashiyama Botanical Garden. The inverted reflection of maple leaves in the pond and the tunnel of '5-color Momiji'—mixing green, red, yellow, orange, and yellow-green—is a unique and breathtaking autumn view exclusive to Sosetsuan in fall.

The famous '5-color Momiji' is a magnificent sight, showcasing the beauty of various colored maple leaves. With modern tea rooms and thatched-roof buildings, there are plenty of highlights to enjoy.

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Winter is a popular season for warm indoor locations, especially in traditional tea rooms. Capture the allure of wedding dresses and traditional Japanese attire in a cozy setting, creating enchanting wedding photos that highlight the beauty of the season.

Tokyo Station

"Tokyo Station," a living art that never fades over time.

The most photographed location throughout the year, "Tokyo Station." We propose a perfect plan that covers six popular spots, including the iconic station building, the rumored Wadakura Gate where brides gather, and the tranquil green-filled Marunouchi Brick Square.

Winter at "Tokyo Station" bathed in champagne gold is incredibly romantic. The stylish streetscape, inspired by the city planning that rivals Paris, creates a charming atmosphere.

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Mejiro Garden

Expressive and Popular No.1 Japanese-style Location

A serene space that makes you forget you're in the city, "Mejiro Garden." In this small garden, you can enjoy winter scenes like snow hanging and camellia flowers.

A tranquil tea room and beautiful nature await you. The small tea house floating on the pond is also recommended for photography.
  • 3-20-18 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0031
  • Closed on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month and during the New Year's holiday.

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The unique and fashionable town, number one in Western Japan, is like "Europe," and can only be experienced here!

The streets of the "Former Foreign Settlement," modeled after modern European cities, spread out. The refined streets provide a perfect backdrop for dresses and tuxedos to shine even more brightly.

In winter, the city transforms into a dazzling spectacle with illuminations, creating an unforgettable backdrop for a date photo experience.

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Enjoy the essence of Japan reflected in the rich nature.

Gohusou is a picturesque place, chosen as the setting for morning dramas. The solemn mansion, the authentic garden covered in snow, and the towering Kishiwada Castle in the distance create a location with a powerful and refined atmosphere, perfect for photography.

A sophisticated and elegant photo shoot like a drama starring the two of you. Capture the best moments in a historic villa for an exquisite wedding photo.
  • 18 Kishijocho, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture
  • Closed: Open all year round, Application fee: Free, Admission fee: Free

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Municipal Administration Museum

A passionate photo that melts even the freezing cold.

A location filled with Taisho Romance, the "City Archives Museum." Delicate stained glass, exotic curtains, and a warm red brick exterior create a unique vintage photo opportunity at this popular location.

The impressive shot on the grand staircase is an essential photo spot. You can fulfill the dreamy photo everyone desires.
  • 1-3 Shirakabe, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0011
  • Closed: Mondays and the 3rd Thursday of the month Application Fee: Free for indoor shooting, additional ¥1,300 for outdoor shooting Free admission

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The vermilion torii gates shining against the cold sky ignite the desire for photography.

The historic garden of "Yokisoi-so," reminiscent of the Taisho era, features a series of bright red torii gates that resonate with the vibrant autumn leaves, creating a picturesque photo spot.

The exquisitely maintained elegant garden is beautiful, and the iconic tunnel of red torii gates creates a breathtaking and eye-catching panoramic view.

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