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Cherry blossoms dance,
Wedding photography.

Wedding photos taken with Japan's flower, "sakura"

Spring wedding photography (March, April, May).

The beginning of spring, the start of the four seasons, spring wedding photography.
Japan's four seasons begin with spring, and it's the season of "new beginnings," starting from new life.

Spring pre-wedding and wedding photography sessions are popular during this season as it marks the transition from the cold winter to the warm weather of March plum blossoms, April cherry blossoms, and May fresh greenery.

Now, let's take a look at spring wedding photography. If you're considering pre-wedding or wedding photography sessions in March, April, or May, we hope you find this helpful.



・Pros and Cons of Spring Weddings
・Recommended Locations for Spring Weddings
 -Captivating "Cherry Blossom" Photos
 -Colorful Photos in Flower Fields
 -Refreshing "Fresh Greenery" Photos
・Atmosphere of Photos in Each Spring Season
 -March: Photos featuring the Arrival of Spring with Plum Blossoms and Cherry Blossoms
 -April: Best Cherry Blossom Season Photos
 -May: Dazzling Photos with Fresh Green Leaves Sprouting
・Points to Note for Spring Weddings
 -Cherry Blossom Blooming Forecast
・Conclusion for Spring Weddings


For those considering photography from March to May, I hope these tips and references prove helpful.

Spring season has finally arrived!
Wedding photos taken surrounded by flowers and greenery exude a vibrant and refreshing impression for your wedding album!
So, let's dive right in and explore.

Pros × Cons



Spring location shoots are incredibly colorful with trees and flowers, featuring vibrant hues characteristic of wedding photos.

April's cherry blossoms, being the most popular in spring, offer a range from softly tinted pink cherry blossom trees to vividly dark ones, both capturing the essence of Japan's beauty and ideal for wedding photography.

From March to May, throughout the spring season, you can enjoy photography sessions amidst colorful flowers such as plum blossoms, tulips, rapeseed flowers, nemophila, poppies, mimosa, lavender, and more. Regardless of whether it's traditional Japanese attire or Western clothing, the greatest advantage lies in enjoying the springtime shoot in pleasant temperatures against a backdrop of colorful flowers.


There are no particular disadvantages, similar to the autumn season, but it's essential to note that the period when cherry blossoms bloom is relatively short compared to the vibrant colors of autumn foliage. Therefore, it's crucial to make reservations well in advance before the schedule fills up.

Additionally, cherry blossom blooming forecasts can sometimes be off by more than a week, so there's a higher risk compared to other seasons. Understanding this, if you approach the day with the mindset that it would be lucky to capture fully bloomed cherry blossoms, it might help you feel less nervous until the actual day arrives.

Even if you miss the cherry blossom peak, spring offers beautiful greenery and colorful flowers, ensuring plenty of opportunities for lovely wedding photos.

Rather than worrying about the risk of missing the cherry blossom season, I hope you can approach the day with excitement and anticipation to enjoy the springtime shoot to the fullest!




The popularity of cherry blossom photos is extremely high, and due to the short blooming period, it can become quite competitive.

While there are cherry blossom spots in various regions, most places allow photography, so even if a particular cherry blossom spot is not advertised on the website, it's worth inquiring at the studio.

Cherry blossom photos vary in charm depending on the type of cherry blossom, with weeping cherry blossoms and Somei Yoshino being particularly popular.

The flower language of weeping cherry blossoms is "elegance," while Somei Yoshino represents "purity." Since cherry blossoms differ in coloration, size, and shape, each type has its own allure, making it enjoyable to research which cherry blossoms are blooming in which locations.


Colorful Photo

Spring wedding photos are also about enjoying the colors of the season. Depending on the location, be sure to check what flowers are blooming.

While cherry blossoms and fresh greenery are wonderful, capturing photos surrounded by the fragrance of flowers in a flower field adds vibrancy to the pictures and lifts the mood, making it the ultimate location!

Spark Photo

The final recommended highlight for spring is the location where you can capture refreshing photos amidst the verdant greenery of young leaves.

For Western-style attire, I believe a spacious park would be the best choice.
For Japanese-style attire, rather than facilities limited to traditional Japanese gardens or tea houses, a location within a vast park with a tea house would offer easier photo opportunities with the lush greenery as the backdrop.


Spring season wedding photos


    Plum and Cherry Blossom Photos capturing the Arrival of Spring

    March weddings are relatively quiet during the spring season, much like September weddings during autumn, making them a hidden gem. *However, it gets crowded later due to cherry blossoms.

    While March still retains a slight chill compared to winter, it's exceptionally pleasant, allowing for enjoyable photoshoots amidst plum blossoms and other spring flowers.

    Many tend to overlook plum blossoms for photoshoots, but they complement traditional Japanese attire beautifully, making them a worthwhile alternative to cherry blossoms.

    Some clients have even remarked, "It was better than cherry blossoms because it wasn't crowded!"

    We highly recommend considering early to mid-March for your photoshoot. Bookings for late March should be made early due to the cherry blossom season's popularity.

    Popularity: ★★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★
    Crowdedness: ★★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★

  • 垂れ桜では桜のカーテンの様なお写真も


    Peak Cherry Blossom Season Photos

    April marks the beginning.
    While many countries start their new academic or fiscal year in September, Japan starts its new chapter from April.
    With various endeavors kicking off this month, April might be busy, but it's a fitting time for pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots, symbolizing the start of a new life journey for the couple.

    Of course, the first half of April bustles with cherry blossom photography, capturing the essence of spring. Enjoy the quintessential wedding photoshoot amidst the cherry blossoms, a sight not to be missed.
    In the latter half, revel in the charm of fresh greenery and adorable spring flowers, capturing delightful and refreshing images.

    Popularity: ★★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★★
    Crowdedness: ★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value for money: ★★

  • 公園で緑に囲まれたお写真


    Bright Photos with Fresh Green Leaves Sprouting

    May weddings are all about the beautiful fresh greenery!
    From wedding dresses to tuxedos, and even traditional Japanese attire like color-coordinated kimono and white wedding robes, the lush green backdrop complements any attire perfectly.

    The weather is just right—neither too cold nor too hot—for an optimal experience.

    Popularity: ★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★★★
    Crowd Level: ★★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★



When will it bloom?

A wedding photo shoot with cherry blossoms, which boasts immense popularity among pre-wedding and photo wedding shoots. The most crucial point to note is whether the shoot aligns with the full bloom of the cherry blossoms.

The extent of cherry blossom blooming varies each year depending on the climate and flowering conditions. This poses a risk unique to location photoshoots. As mentioned earlier, it's advisable not to expect the blossoms to be in full bloom and instead be content with capturing whatever is available. Adopting this mindset will help alleviate any pre-shoot anxiety and make the actual shoot more enjoyable!

Since cherry blossoms may bloom more than a week later compared to the previous year, securing a reservation at a desired location amidst the crowd can be challenging. Ideally, it would be best to book a date that aligns with the annual cherry blossom forecast.

Given the regional variations across the country, it's recommended to check the expected blooming dates for each area.



How did you like the spring-inspired wedding photos?

Wedding photos taken in the lively and refreshing atmosphere of spring exude a charming and heartwarming vibe from every angle. We present to you wedding photos blooming with radiant smiles!

Next, we'll introduce the allure of summer wedding photos.

Looking at pre-wedding shoot information for Summer



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