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Warm Photo Wedding,
Embracing the Winter Chill

Two Souls' Tale Blending into the Crisp Winter Air

Winter Photo Wedding (December, January, February)

In the early half of December, the popularity of autumn foliage continues, so although the cold becomes more severe, it remains a highly sought-after season.

As we enter the heart of winter in January and February, indoor photography becomes overwhelmingly popular. Utilizing tea rooms, Western-style mansions, studios, and other indoor spaces, we capture the unique essence of winter.

Now, let's take a look at winter photo weddings. For those considering pre-wedding and wedding photography in December, January, and February, please stay with us until the end.



・Benefits and Drawbacks of Winter Weddings
・Recommended Locations for Winter Weddings
-Cool and Chic Outdoor Locations
-Indoor Locations for Peace of Mind in the Cold
-Unique Indoor Locations for Originality
・Atmosphere of Photos in Each Winter Season
-December: Illuminations and Ongoing Popularity of Autumn Foliage
-January: Clear Air and Beautiful Outdoor Locations
-February: Cozy Winter Weddings
・Considerations for Winter Weddings
-Dealing with the Cold
・Conclusion for Winter Weddings


Here's a winter photo special feature for those considering photo shoots from December to February!

It's a showcase of how to embrace the charm of winter without letting the cold get in the way. Let's dive in and explore!


Winter Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Pros and Cons


Winter location shoots are characterized by vibrant colors that seem to capture the clear air. The season creates a romantic and fantastical ambiance, ideal for capturing beautifully illuminated natural light photos.

Until December, the popularity of autumn foliage and illuminations, coupled with the rush of those wanting to capture moments before year-end, make this period bustling. Illuminations, particularly, offer a unique backdrop for wedding photoshoots, making them highly recommended.

Moreover, with the Christmas season in full swing, photoshoots at locations adorned with trees exude a romantic and memorable atmosphere.

From January to February, as the season settles, studios tend to be less crowded, and many offer winter-specific promotions, making it an advantageous period for photoshoots.



Here are the disadvantages:

Cold Weather: The first disadvantage is the cold weather. While traditional Japanese attire can be layered with heat-tech or leggings and further warmed with adhesive body warmers, Western attire, especially for the bride, tends to be more exposing with wedding dresses, making it very chilly.

Sparse Background: The second disadvantage is the barren background. With most trees shedding their leaves and the absence of greenery or colorful flowers, the natural backdrop may appear stark.

Therefore, it is recommended to opt for locations with symbolic objects such as a vow bell tower, fountain, or specific memorable spots rather than relying solely on natural settings. These locations can enhance the winter photoshoot experience.



Cool & Chic

Here is the recommendation:

One of the first things I would like to introduce for winter is outdoor location photoshoots with cool and chic tones unique to the winter season.

Wedding photos taken in snowy landscapes or backgrounds adorned with brown-hued falling leaves capture a stylish atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate a cool vibe or a magical ambiance.

By maximizing the beauty of winter, you can create the most stunning wedding photos imaginable.


Indoor Location

Here is the translation:

Indoor locations are also popular during the winter.

Especially for photoshoots in Western-style attire, indoor locations where you can stay away from the wind are recommended.

Popular indoor locations for Western-style attire include municipal buildings, chapels, studios, Doudantei, Higashiyamaso (Western-style mansion), and Furukawa Museum.


Original & Memorial

Here is the translation:

Lastly, I would like to introduce indoor locations, particularly places of memories, as a recommended winter photo shoot destination.

Since winter landscapes can appear barren compared to other seasons, indoor locations where you can shoot regardless of the season are recommended.

For those considering a winter photoshoot, why not consider somewhere meaningful? You can capture a precious moment that is unique to you both!

Recommended indoor locations: schools, live houses, grandparents' homes, memorable shops (bars, restaurants, etc.) etc...


Winter season wedding photos

  • 美しい紅葉を眺める撮影は大人気


    "Illuminations" and the ongoing popularity of autumn foliage

    For December weddings, early in the month is still peak autumn foliage season, so it tends to be very crowded and popular.

    Towards the end of the month, there's a trend for couples who want to capture Christmas or illumination scenes, or those who wish to take photos before New Year's greetings.

    For traditional Japanese weddings (Wafuku), tea rooms are popular, while for Western-style weddings (Youfuku), indoor venues are preferred for comfortable shooting conditions.

    Popularity: ★★★★★
    Comfort: ★★★
    Crowdedness: ★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value: ★★★★

  • 大好きなサッカースタジアムでの想い出フォト


    A location with clear air and beautiful scenery

    In January, the focus is on the clear skies for wedding photography. For those preferring outdoor shoots, capturing photos under the beautiful sky is possible.

    Let's combine indoor and outdoor locations effectively while ensuring comfort against the cold.

    Popularity: ★★★★
    Comfort: ★★
    Crowdedness: ★★★★★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Cost-effectiveness: ★★★★★

  • 宗節庵の星ヶ丘門トンネルでのオシャレフォト


    Cozy and Heartwarming Wedding Photography

    February weddings feature intimate moments of couples drawing closer, creating captivating photographs. For outdoor settings, the tone of the photos tends to be cool, exuding a serene ambiance.

    Popularity: ★★
    Comfort: ★★
    Crowdedness: ★★★★★ (More stars indicate more availability)
    Value for Money: ★★★★




Cold weather precautions

For wedding dresses, bring a longer down jacket and wear it constantly for warmth while on the move or during transportation. If the outerwear coordinates well with the wedding dress, it's also great to wear it during the shoot!

Layer up with innerwear and use plenty of hand warmers. For traditional Japanese attire, ask the dressing instructor to apply them during the dressing process. Hand warmers are essential and can be applied over bridal innerwear even for Western-style dresses.



How did you enjoy the winter-themed wedding photos?

Winter has its own charm, doesn't it?
However, dealing with the cold can be challenging, so it's important to take proper precautions against it. Combining outdoor locations with indoor settings and being creative with the shoot can help.

Next, let's explore the allure of spring weddings.
Be sure to check it out for some inspiration!

Looking at pre-wedding shoot information for Spring.



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