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Meeting your bride for the fitst time ever!


Hello everyone!

We’ve been having lovely warm days perfect for shooting photos in May, haven’t we?

Among our customers, some are suffering from severe pollen allergies and are eagerly awaiting the rainy season to arrive! In this article, we’d like to introduce you to the “First Meet” setup, which you can enjoy for free during the rainy season, perfect for studio photography.

We’ve gathered plenty of photos capturing moments filled with emotion and surprise, so be sure to stick around till the end for a glimpse!

Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

What is the emotional encounter known as the First Meet?


The “First Meet” is a ceremony where the bride and groom, who have prepared separately in different rooms, reveal themselves to each other for the first time. The tension in the air before the shoot begins is palpable, even just observing it!

The shoot starts with a close-up of the bride’s lips, so the groom waits in anticipation, feeling the nerves almost to the point of bursting.


And finally, the moment of the encounter arrives. With music playing and emotions rising, the doors open, and the bride enters.

The shoot, starting with a tension reminiscent of a wedding ceremony, creates a unique and wonderful moment. The setup, beginning with the music, adds to the emotional impact, creating the perfect atmosphere when the couple finally sees each other face to face.


The moment when the bride’s hand touches the groom’s shoulder.

It’s a time when anyone watching can’t help but feel their heart race! We can’t help but anticipate what expression the groom will have when he turns around.

Because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the expressions that resemble the first time you met become invaluable treasures.

By honestly letting your emotions explode and expressing joy, happiness, and excitement through facial expressions and actions, it becomes a truly wonderful First Meet. ♡


The radiant smiles of both of you! ☆彡

We believe that the First Meet naturally brings out smiles—it’s like magic! For those who aren’t used to being photographed and feel nervous or struggle to smile well during shoots, we highly recommend it. By starting off with the First Meet, it can boost your confidence and help you smile beautifully for other shots as well. ☆彡


We’ve provided an overview of the First Meet experience so far. Have you been able to grasp the general idea?

Now, let’s delve into the history and important aspects of the First Meet. We hope to convey some of the charm of the First Meet to you!

History of first meat


“First Meet” is cherished as an indispensable part of weddings, much like “Veil Down,” “Veil Up,” and “Last Lip.”

The tradition of the First Meet originated from the belief that “the bride and groom cannot be happy if they see each other before the wedding ceremony.” This special ritual emerged as a declaration of the groom’s commitment to always make the bride happy. As the bride, it involves suppressing the eagerness to show the most radiant self and sticking to the promise to meet for the first time at the ceremony.

The First Meet, achieved through mutual restraint, is a moment filled not only with surprise, emotion, and joy but also with excitement for a bright future ahead.

Incorporating the essence of this emotional event into wedding photos alongside the ceremony itself can elevate the emotional impact and make for truly memorable wedding memories.

First Meet" isn't limited to studio photography! You can also enjoy it during location shoots!


Our studio has been a pioneer in incorporating the First Meet setup in Japan, with its history dating back to the establishment of the studio in 2013. Back then, the term “First Meet” wasn’t widely known, so we introduced it under the name “First Sight (Love at First Sight).”

Having witnessed tens of thousands of emotions and dramas, this setup remains dear to us, and we continue to cherish not only the moment of the encounter but also the expressions of the couple leading up to that moment, as well as the atmosphere and acoustics of the studio.

Until now, the First Meet has been an exclusive feature of studio photography, but we have revamped it to be available for location shoots as well.

[Exclusive Studio Photo Bonus] First Meet Gift

For customers booking studio photography with us, we offer the First Meet Ceremony (the emotional encounter) worth 22,000 yen as a gift! Starting the shoot with the heart-pounding music setup allows for capturing the perfect moments.

*Location shoots can be added at a 50% discount, from the usual price of 22,000 yen to 11,000 yen. *The First Meet ceremony will take place at our studio.

Studio photography is free! For location shoots, now available at a limited 50% discount of 11,000 yen!! Why not seize this opportunity to experience the emotional journey together?

Preparing for the First Meet


Meeting for the first time is a precious moment that only happens once in a lifetime.

It’s essential to carefully understand the schedule if you want to know how the meeting will take place (where and how) and if you want to share this precious moment with your family.

Additionally, it’s crucial to do a final check right before the shoot begins! While our staff will ensure that your hair and outfit are in order, it would be appreciated if you could double-check for yourself as well.☆彡

And don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally! It’s essential to strike a balance—not too stiff, but also not too casual. Visualizing the words you’ll exchange and the demeanor you’ll have can help make the photo shoot feel more natural.☆彡

The Style of the First Meet


Here are some recommended ways to meet for the first time!

1.Shoulder tap…! The Turnaround Style♡ The groom waits with his back turned towards the door where the bride will enter. As music plays, the bride enters through the door and approaches the groom’s back, tapping his shoulder gently♪ The moment he turns around marks the beginning of the meeting! This style is known for the heartwarming smiles exchanged at that moment!

2.Separated by a door… the Instant Style! The groom waits in front of the door, and as music starts playing, the door opens, revealing the bride! Even for those who are not accustomed to being photographed or feel nervous, this approach is easy to enjoy!

Both styles, accompanied by touching music, create unforgettable memories for a lifetime♡



“Married at first sight”

Today, we introduced our proud studio and the First Meet experience we offer! A moment filled with emotions that can only be experienced once in a lifetime will undoubtedly become an unforgettable treasure for both of you and your cherished family and friends.

Whether it’s a studio or location shoot, you can enjoy this emotional experience, so please consider it!

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Let’s meet again in another article soon!

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