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wedding photo shoot at the beach! Summer’s top choice for a photo wedding.

Hello everyone!!
We’ve already moved past the spring weather, and some days are reaching midsummer temperatures. How are you all doing?!
Even though it’s still May, it’s the season where we start sweating as we move around!!
Since we haven’t yet acclimated to the heat, the risk of heatstroke is gradually increasing during this time!
You might get sick from the humidity or become dehydrated and unable to fully enjoy the photo shoot…!!
Especially for those wearing traditional Japanese outfits, it’s reassuring to bring items that help with heatstroke prevention, such as regular hydration and salt supplements♡

So today, I’d like to introduce you to the perfect location for summer shoots♪
It’s called “Pre-Wedding Photos on the Beach! Summer’s Top Photo Wedding Spot”!!!
The refreshing sea breeze, the vast ocean that cools you down just by looking at it♪
The bright blue sky stretching out before you, palm trees, and other tropical plants that make you feel like you’re in paradise☆彡
And the romantic moment during sunset when the sky turns a jewel-like crimson…♡
These are all special moments that only beach photos can capture☆彡

Beach and ocean location photos are incredibly popular for pre-wedding and wedding photos,
and while they’re great from July to September during the peak summer season, May and June are actually the best times for these shoots!!
Once the beach season officially opens, it can get very crowded, making the shoot feel cramped…
There are also concerns about background distractions, like vendor stalls appearing in your photos, which can prevent you from having a satisfactory shoot!!
By having your shoot in May or June, you can avoid these issues and proceed at your own pace☆彡

In this article, we’ll introduce six carefully selected beach locations from across the country, so please read until the end!!
Without further ado, let’s get started☆彡

★Recommended Beach Locations in Tokyo★

Odaiba Marine Park

~ Breathtaking Beach Photos with the Impressive Rainbow Bridge in the Background, Overlooking Tokyo Bay ~

Introducing “Odaiba Marine Park,” Tokyo’s most serene spot, where you can capture refreshing beach photos with a stunning backdrop of the massive Rainbow Bridge. The white sandy beach, lush green grass, and the gently shimmering sea create a peaceful atmosphere filled with the warmth of nature.

The standout feature of this location is, without a doubt, the ability to take photos with the dramatic Rainbow Bridge in the background! You can realize your dream beach photo shoot against the iconic Tokyo scenery often featured in TV dramas. Of course, you can also capture enviable sunset photos under a sky painted with vibrant hues of orange.

Despite its name as a “Marine Park,” it also offers lush green photo spots. You can enjoy seasonal nature with cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and autumn leaves in fall. The varied backgrounds allow for a range of natural photos, keeping your shots from becoming monotonous.

Why not achieve the hottest beach photos this summer at “Odaiba Marine Park”?!

Kasai Rinkai Park

~ Create Unforgettable Summer Memories in a Grand Park Setting ~

Kasai Rinkai Park and Kasai Seaside Park together form a vast area where you can enjoy both liberating beach photography and natural photos amidst beautiful greenery☆彡

Capture sophisticated sunset shots with a resort-like atmosphere, take iconic summer photos in a sunflower field, or get dynamic shots with the giant Ferris wheel in the background☆彡 The ultimate highlight is the popular Crystal View, known for its photogenic opportunities! This spot offers a panoramic view of the breathtaking scenery, listed among Japan’s Top 100 Beaches, perfect for romantic photos.

Enjoy a peaceful and serene moment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

★View Tokyo Beach Photo Plans★

★Recommended Beach Locations in Osaka★

Marble Beach

~ Experience Authentic and Unconventional Beach Photos in Osaka’s Officially Recognized Romantic Spot ~

“Marble Beach,” with its beautiful contrasts and romantic scenery, is a fortunate beach location in Osaka, being the first to receive official recognition as a “Lover’s Sanctuary”♡

Its distinctive feature lies in its unconventional sandy shores!! Covered entirely with marble, the beach’s landscape of blue, white, and during sunset, hues of orange blending in, has earned it recognition as one of Japan’s Top 100 Sunset Spots☆彡 Additionally, the cute heart-shaped monument is extremely popular as a photo spot, leading to voices saying, “If you’re getting beach photos in Osaka, Marble Beach is the only choice!!”♡

Why not take a stroll along the vast 2km stretch of sandy beach, capturing the best memories of summer in photos…♡

★Recommended Beach Locations in Wakayama★


~ Natural Photoshoot amidst the Overwhelming Scale and Orange Sunlight of a Cliffside Location ~

Introducing the tourist attraction designated as a scenic spot in Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, “Senjojiki”!! Its vast expanse is said to be able to accommodate a thousand tatami mats, hence the name “Senjojiki” literally translates to “thousand tatami mats”♪ The coastline, formed over years of repeated erosion by crashing waves, presents an unbelievably natural and majestic scenery that seems straight out of nature’s own sculpting☆彡

Research results suggest that these rock formations predate human civilization, adding to the profound historical significance of this location. It’s a highly sought-after setting, often featured in movies and dramas, offering a stage unlike any other!!

Among its features, the photography capturing the sinking sun slowly into the vast Pacific Ocean is particularly renowned for its breathtaking beauty☆彡 Enjoy the supreme dramatic photoshoot, with the two of you sharing the sunset, creating unforgettable memories…♡

★View Osaka and Wakayama Beach Photo Plans★

★Recommended Beach Locations in Nagoya★

Rinku Beach

~ Surround Yourself with Crystal Clear Blue and Pleasant Sunshine, Creating Precious Memories Overflowing with Love ~

Located in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, the beautiful white sands and endless ocean views of Rinku Beach offer the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful beach photos in the Tokai region☆彡 The tranquil bay surrounded by breakwaters provides a calm environment, combined with the smooth white sand unique to artificial beaches, making it easy to capture ideal photos♡

Moreover, you can enjoy watching planes taking off and landing from Chubu Centrair International Airport across the bay. The romantic scenery of the blazing red sunset and the clouds floating in the evening sky creates a popular spot for photography♪ Rinku Town is also full of attractions, from charming monuments to palm trees evoking a perpetual summer vibe.

In this meticulously maintained and refreshing beach location, capture photos that rejuvenate both your heart and body, creating powerful moments that you’ll cherish forever♡


~ Create Exquisite Beach Photos Overflowing with Your Love and Memories at Aichi Prefecture’s Most Famous Beach ~

Introducing “Uchiumi,” the largest beach in the Tokai region, stretching approximately 2km in length and 80m in depth♪ One of the standout features of the highly popular “Uchiumi” beach in the prefecture is its fine sand, reputed to be the finest in the world, along with the Noma Lighthouse, where an anecdote persists that locking a padlock together symbolizes eternal connection!! Capturing photos at this beach, boasting overwhelming visual appeal and serving as a auspicious lovers’ sanctuary, it’s no wonder that many people come from both within and outside Aichi Prefecture for photography sessions..!☆彡

Moreover, the bold rocky terrain that vividly reflects the power of nature, along with the sunset viewed from spots designated as Japan’s Top 100 Beaches, are indispensable photogenic locations when discussing “Uchiumi”♡ Combine it with the sunset and revel in the breathtaking scenery that can only be experienced in that moment♪

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Thank you for joining us on this journey through carefully selected beach locations across the country!
How was it? Beach photography is incredibly popular because it allows for flexible scheduling to accommodate your plans, and it captures the stunning natural landscapes that beaches offer☆彡
Additionally, splitting the shoot between sunrise and sunset times creates different atmospheres for your beach photos, which is another highlight to consider!

If you have any questions about specific spots you’ve seen in the photos, or if you’re wondering if we can arrange a photo shoot at a beach not mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest store!

We also share updates and fresh content on our blog about twice a month, so we’d love for you to check in from time to time☆彡
Thank you very much for staying with us until the end! Let’s meet again in another article soon~♬

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