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Recommended photo locations during the rainy season.


Hello, this is Kado from Wedding Avenue.
This time, I’d like to introduce some worry-free shooting spots to blow away the rainy season blues!!

June is an important season for weddings, as evidenced by the term “June bride.” Though the term is widely used today, its origin comes from the European goddess of marriage, “Juno,” and it signifies that June, with its beautiful fresh greenery and a settled atmosphere after various activities, is the ideal time for weddings.

However, in Japan, due to the influence of the rainy season front, there are various worries that come with June… But if we have the opportunity, wouldn’t it be great to realize the best stage for a wedding, just like the tradition suggests?☆彡 This time, we have carefully selected indoor shooting locations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, two each, where you can forget about worries of rain!!

Especially for those who are considering shooting in the near future, this content is a must-see, so I hope you’ll stick around till the end!!

Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the introductions♪

Tokyo's Recommended Rainy Season Locations

Western Attire: Former Furukawa Gardens


Experience a romantic love story straight out of the Taisho era at the Former Furukawa Gardens. This meticulously designed Western-style mansion allows you to immerse yourself in the details.

While usually off-limits for photography, the estate grants permission exclusively for wedding photoshoots, offering a unique opportunity for couples to create unforgettable moments.

Designated as a national scenic spot, the grandeur of the mansion’s interior is unparalleled. Every corner is filled with antique furniture, wallpapers, and carpets, providing classical photo enthusiasts with endless photo opportunities.

Indulge in the irreplaceable moments at this stylish Western villa and cherish the time spent in this elegant setting.


Japanese Attire: Mejiro Garden


Immerse yourself in the essence of Japanese culture at the emotionally rich Mejiro Garden.

Proudly boasting the title of the top pre-wedding photoshoot location in Japanese attire, Mejiro Garden ensures a fulfilling photoshoot experience even during the rainy season. Located within Tokyo, it features one of the largest tea rooms among Japanese gardens in the city, offering abundant variations for indoor photography that are unmatched.

Moreover, within the garden, there’s a roofed spot called Rokkaku Ukimido, providing a panoramic view of the entire pond, adding to its allure.

While the garden itself may seem compact, it can also be described as condensed with charm. Its small size means less physical strain, allowing you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor settings comfortably. This uniqueness sets it apart as an exceptional location.

Mejiro Garden promises to lift the spirits and dispel any melancholy associated with the upcoming rainy season. With reservations filling up quickly, early consultation is highly recommended.


Recommended Rainy Season Locations in Osaka

Western Attire: Seven Chapel Options to Choose From


~A replication of the wedding ceremony creates an unforgettable emotional experience~

The Chapel Photo Plan, highly sought after for wedding photography, offers two main attractions:

1.The dazzling venue used for actual weddings exudes grandeur and mystique, making it overwhelming for anyone. Whether just for the couple or to be shared with family and friends, following the setup of a real ceremony allows everyone to achieve that once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding photo experience.

2.With a choice of seven popular chapels, each with its own unique concept, you can select one that suits your preferences. From chapels with breathtaking views of Osaka’s night skyline to tranquil wood-themed chapels, or even those with floor-to-ceiling glass offering panoramic views like those popular in Kobe, or natural-themed chapels designed with lush greenery, there’s a chapel to match your ideal photo vision.

Moreover, since photography is possible even in rainy weather, this location is highly recommended for those without wedding plans or for those prioritizing scheduling flexibility for their photoshoot.


Japanese Attire: Daisen Park


~A heartwarming historic park revealing its various faces throughout the seasons~

Daisen Park, known as Japan’s largest tumulus park, is a charming Japanese attire location where you can feel the essence of tradition and change, chosen as one of Japan’s Top 100 Historic Parks.

The garden features spacious Japanese-style rooms equipped with tea rooms, ensuring a photo-worthy setting. Highlights include snow-viewing windows, lively fish swimming in ponds, sliding doors symbolizing traditional Japanese architecture, and rooms filled with the rich aroma of tatami mats and hanging scrolls. Even indoors, you can enjoy a fulfilling photoshoot.

Moreover, the garden’s varied terrain allows for dynamic, three-dimensional photography. Each photo spot has its own name, adding to the fun of exploring them beforehand.


Recommended Rainy Season Locations in Nagoya

Western Attire: Nagoya City Archives


~Featured in morning dramas! Achieve sophisticated adult photos in an elegant classical space~

Representing the Tokai region, the Nagoya City Archives is a popular spot where people from all over Japan visit for photography purposes.

The entire building exudes elegance and solemnity, featuring grand staircases that enhance the beauty of wedding dresses. From carpets and curtains evoking a sense of foreign charm to vividly colored stained glass reminiscent of churches, the space is a haven for lovers of classical photography, filled with the romance of the Taisho era.

The warm red-brick exterior, constructed in the Neo-Baroque style influenced by European culture, showcases lavishness and symmetrical beauty that words cannot fully capture. If the weather permits, you can also enjoy outdoor photoshoots, making it a truly versatile location!


Japanese Attire: Nakamura Park


~Experience two different indoor photo atmospheres in one garden~

Nakamura Park, located just outside the heart of Nagoya, offers a serene retreat where you can feel the passage of time. It’s home to a shrine with historical ties to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and is renowned for its fragrant wisteria, making it a beloved spot for Japanese gardens.

The park is divided into a regular park area and a Japanese garden area, and it’s one of the rare locations where you can bring your pets for a photoshoot in Japanese attire!

With views of gentle river flows and the overall garden from the pond, there are plenty of recommended spots. However, what sets it apart is the existence of two tea rooms, each with its own unique atmosphere.

From the Kikuin Teahouse, you can admire the bamboo grove, considered one of the most beautiful in Nagoya, while from the Memorial Hall, you can enjoy traditional sitting shots in a spacious room or fulfill the classic veranda shot. The ability to shoot in tea rooms with different atmospheres is truly unique to this location.

Its indoor facilities are top-notch in Nagoya, ensuring a worry-free photoshoot even on rainy days.




I hope you enjoyed the carefully selected six popular locations across the country that offer peace of mind even during the rainy season!

Of course, there are many other popular indoor locations available, and I’d be happy to introduce them with accompanying photos when you need advice. It can feel a bit limiting to think of June as strictly indoor photography time, right?

At Wedding Avenue, we’re running a campaign to support outdoor location shoots that won’t be beaten by the rainy season!


【Rainy Day Assurance! No Change Fee Campaign】 Worried about whether you can shoot in rainy weather? No problem at all!! With our campaign, you can change your schedule for free up to three times without incurring our usual postponement fee (¥22,000) if you contact us by 12:00 p.m. the day before your shoot!

Even if something unexpected comes up, like sudden work commitments or feeling under the weather from overexertion, don’t worry! You can change your schedule for free up to the first time.

※ Please note that the application fee for facility reservations will be charged again when you reapply.

Let’s enjoy shooting without worry, comfortably overcoming the damp and muggy season together with our campaign!

We’re looking forward to meeting you all and discussing your plans. Our staff is eagerly awaiting your visit!

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