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Introducing colored dresses for pre-wedding photoshoots!

This time, I would like to introduce our new collection of colored dresses.

At Wedding Avenue, we have completely revamped our lineup of colored dresses starting in May 2024! In addition to natural and lightweight fluffy dresses, we have added eight new dresses to our collection, including the classic A-line and the princess line that lets you fully experience the Cinderella feeling☆彡

Please stay tuned until the end♡

SCL04 / Terracotta Brown

A charming colored dress with adorable puff sleeves and a voluminous tulle skirt.
This dress features a delicate gradient that subtly changes colors, adding a touch of cuteness.
The voluminous design and the lovely texture of the tulle offer the ultimate bridal experience, beautifully sparkling on your special day♡

OCL01 / Blue Gray

A blue-gray off-shoulder dress that exudes princess-like elegance.
The bodice sparkles with glittering bijou, and the tulle skirt adds a touch of cuteness.
This dress has already received many reservations shortly after its arrival.
Its refreshing blue hue is reminiscent of the sky and the sea.

SCS03 / Almond Green

The almond green satin fabric exudes a luxurious feel.
The off-shoulder design beautifully accentuates the shoulders and neckline, while the voluminous bodice and sleeves add a touch of elegance.
Its unique sheen and graceful silhouette create a stunning and radiant impression.

SCB01 / Blue Nuit

This navy colored dress features a sophisticated upper body texture combined with a trendy tulle lower body design, exuding a sense of luxury.
While maintaining a natural ambiance, the design transitions at the waist, emphasizing the refined elegance of a simple A-line silhouette.
It stands out beautifully against both natural settings like green parks and beaches, as well as classic backgrounds.
This dress is perfect for capturing stunning photos, filled with charm that will make your photoshoot even more special♪

SCF01 / Smoke Pink

A pink colored dress that everyone dreams of at least once, featuring a gentle, soft hue paired with luxurious and glamorous embroidery.
Expressing the most popular pink in colored dresses with a soft color scheme!!
Its smoky and gentle shade radiates presence regardless of the location or background!

SCS04 / Beige Gold

A stunning new colored dress featuring glamorous gold embroidery and an alluring beige hue and design.
The embroidery is meticulously crafted, shimmering and sparkling when hit by light.
It’s a dress that exudes elegance from every angle, allowing you to appreciate its beauty from all 360 degrees.

NCS02 / Black

A chic black dress with a touch of cuteness thanks to its freely adjustable waist ribbon and tulle skirt.
Its simple yet classical design is timeless and versatile, making it perfect for capturing fulfilling adult photoshoots in any setting!

SCL02 / Purple Gray

A simple design dress in purple-gray. The jewels adorning the waist add a glamorous accent to it.
Despite its simplicity, this dress beautifully accentuates the waistline.
Being a dress with an adult-like color, it’s sure to look stunning in photos with a Japanese theme!
It’s especially recommended for photo shoots in locations like Doudan-tei, the former Furukawa residence, or Rokkaen Gardens☆彡

NCB02 / Brown

A stylish brown dress with a luxurious texture on the upper body and a natural tulle design, giving it a simple yet elegant look.
Similar to navy, its rustic design enhances the bride’s charm with the sheen and the cuteness of the tulle.
Moreover, the brown color adds a mature and antique-like feel, ensuring stunning studio photoshoots☆彡

OCF04 / Terracotta Brown

An elegant colored dress with a refined color scheme.
The ribbon at the back adds elegance and charm, enhancing the overall appeal of the dress.
It pairs exceptionally well with grand location photoshoots, such as those at the City Hall Archives, the Central Public Hall, or the Tokyo National Museum♡

OCF03 / Light Purple

A sophisticated and cute purple dress with a simple design and stylish embroidery as a focal point.
It’s a recently arrived piece brimming with cuteness!!
It’s truly a dress that makes you feel like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

OCL03 / Pink Beige

A cute dress with puff sleeves and a skin-friendly pink beige color, it features an elegant design that’s not overly sweet.
It’s a highly popular voluminous colored dress in pink, with the key point being the addition of pink accents to the beige base!
It strikes a balance between sophistication and cuteness, embodying both a refined impression and a touch of charm.

NCS01 / Moss Green

An elegant moss green dress with sparkling sequins and stone embellishments on the upper body embroidery, while the tulle skirt boasts a voluminous length, exuding sophistication.
It’s a dress reminiscent of a ballroom dance, featuring an elegant design that’s neither too flashy nor too simple.
The sparkling sequins at the neckline add a touch of refinement, enhancing its elegance!

SCF02 / Orange

A trendy and highly popular colored dress that’s both natural and simple yet uniquely stylish.
The popularity of the designs on the sleeves and back adds to its appeal!
Its silhouette stands out against any background, providing a slimming effect as well!!
Since it’s a fresh color for a dress, it’s likely to make a strong impression on many people♪

NCB03 / Emerald Green

A beautifully lined colored dress made of flowing and soft chiffon fabric with a gorgeous emerald green hue.
Its slender silhouette stands out distinctly, complementing the elegance of the emerald green, giving off a noble impression♡

SCB04 / Navy

A classic A-line colored dress where the jewels on the cutaway parts add a princess-like charm.
It stands out from the popular pastel colors that are gathering attention in colored dresses!
The navy color, encompassing both cuteness and elegance, is perfect for a sophisticated look☆彡

If we're talking about recommended photo spots for the upcoming fresh green season...

It’s been about 5 months since the beginning of 2024. Do you think you’ll be able to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year? When June ends, it’s like realizing half of the year has already passed, which makes you realize how scary the passage of time can be. At the same time, it’s a reminder to make each day fulfilling. ☆彡

Regarding wedding photos, the cherry blossom season has ended, and now we’re in the midst of the beautiful fresh green season☆ミ Fresh green photos are just as popular as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, offering sparkling photos. So, if you’re planning a photo shoot soon, be sure to check it out!

We’ve also published articles featuring beautiful fresh green spots across Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, so be sure to check them out too♡

Start bookings for fresh green wedding photos!

We also have locations where you can shoot with peace of mind, even in unpredictable weather!

Cherry Blossoms: Timing is crucial!! Since the timing of blooming varies slightly each year, aim for the middle of the season.
Fresh Greenery: Watch out for the heat!! Remember to stay hydrated and take measures against heatstroke.
Beach: It’s best to visit when there are fewer tourists, typically before or after the official beach opening.
Autumn Leaves: If you have a specific location in mind, we recommend booking early♪

Also, the unpredictable weather during seasonal transitions can bring some uncertainty for outdoor shoots. At Wedding Avenue, we’re currently offering a campaign with no change fees for both indoor and outdoor locations, ensuring a worry-free experience☆彡 Check out our previous article for more details♡

Recommended photo locations during the rainy season.

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Also, please note that the prices shown for the featured colored dresses are all displayed as the original prices before discounts!!
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This time, we introduced “Introducing All 16 Popular Colored Dresses for Pre-Wedding Photoshoots!”, showcasing the entire lineup, including the newly arrived 8 colored dresses☆彡
Did you find the dress that caught your eye!?

Pre-wedding photoshoots provide an opportunity to try out dresses different from those planned for the wedding day!! We’re also running a “Petite Dress Change Campaign”, offering great benefits that allow you to experience both wedding dresses and colored dresses♪
Why not celebrate your new journey together with colored dress photoshoots during the June bride season??

We’ll be updating our blog twice a month with great deals and useful information, so feel free to visit the blog whenever you feel like it!!
Until then, see you in another article~!!

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