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WEDDING AVENUE [ ウェディングアベニュー ]

Hospitality from Wedding Avenue to the Couple

Our utmost hospitality is extended from Wedding Avenue to ensure that your wedding photos are overwhelmingly stylish,
remarkably affordable, and beautifully natural, creating treasures to cherish for a lifetime.

PolicyⅠ. Overwhelmingly stylish

  1. Stylish studio with versatile backgrounds Capture unforgettable wedding photos with over 10 stylish background variations designed by our design coordinators to complement both Western and Japanese attire!
  2. From a wide selection of new outfits and over 400 stylish options, you can find the perfect one that suits you! Plus, enjoy free weekday fittings for added peace of mind.
  3. Chic Bride & Groom photoshoot Experience the essence of “radiant bride” with sparkling photos that capture smiles and highlight the play of light and color. We propose wedding photos that maximize the beauty of light and color.

PolicyⅡ. Incredibly affordable

  1. “Overwhelmingly affordable final estimates”
    We coordinate only what is most important and necessary for our customers.
    Photography without additional charges is also possible, ensuring the best cost performance!
  2. “Even more value with Western & Japanese attire! 50% off for the second set of data”
    Studio shooting: 100 cuts for 55,000 yen → 27,500 yen!
    Location shooting: 200 cuts for 66,000 yen → 33,000 yen!
    Whether it’s a colorful dress, a colored kimono, or a traditional white kimono, capture the uniqueness of each attire.
  3. “Is our delivered image count the highest in the industry?!”
    For each style: 100 cuts for studio shooting, 150 cuts for chapel or studio ceremony shooting, and 200 cuts for location shooting.
    With a wide range of photos delivered, you’ll surely find many favorites!

PolicyⅢ. Overwhelmingly natural

  1. Excellent Staff Hospitality The essence of natural wedding photos lies in the couple’s relaxation. Our support team is warm and friendly, ensuring you can enjoy the photo shoot day with peace of mind.
  2. Emotional First Meeting Experience the excitement of the first encounter once again with our emotional first meeting capture. We’ll immortalize the natural expressions of both of you, just like when you first met.
  3. Expertise in Natural Location Photos We specialize in capturing the natural ambiance in location photos. Beyond posing, we focus on capturing the candid moments of you both in a relaxed, natural manner.

PolicyⅣ. Other services

  1. Free drink service Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, cold beverages, and snacks at your leisure. We strive to create a relaxing atmosphere for our guests.
  2. Chapel photo and ceremony service Partnering with popular major venues (chapels), we offer chapel photography and garden ceremonies at our studio—a unique ceremony plan seldom found in studios.
  3. Anniversary photo service #DidItTwice! Recently, there has been a sharp increase in couples who have had their photos taken twice or more. For the second shoot and beyond, receive a complimentary album! Combine it with sightseeing in Kyoto or Tokyo Station—be sure to visit.

”Photography is an important part of your wedding day.”

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